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The 11 Best Steakhouse Chains in the US, Ranked

Steakhouses are a staple of American cuisine, offering a range of succulent cuts, savory sides, and a classic dining experience. While numerous local steakhouses have their unique charm, certain chains have managed to elevate the steak dining experience to a national level.

These chains are renowned not just for their quality of steaks but also for their ambiance, service, and overall dining satisfaction. In this blog, we rank the 11 best steakhouse chains in the US, highlighting what makes each one stand out.

1. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Overview: Known for its exceptional service and high-quality steaks, Ruth’s Chris is a top contender in the steakhouse world. Their steaks are broiled at 1800° and served on 500° plates, ensuring every bite is as hot and delicious as the first.

What Sets It Apart: The signature sizzle that comes with every plate, coupled with an upscale ambiance, makes Ruth’s Chris a memorable dining experience.

2. Morton’s The Steakhouse

Overview: With a focus on quality, consistency, and hospitality, Morton’s serves only the finest USDA Prime-Aged beef. The chain is also known for its extensive wine collection and classic steakhouse sides. What Sets It Apart: The attention to detail in every aspect of dining, from the preparation of the food to the luxurious setting.

3. Capital Grille

Overview: Renowned for its dry-aged steaks and fresh seafood, Capital Grille offers a sophisticated atmosphere. Their steak selection is paired with a curated wine list of over 350 labels. What Sets It Apart: The personalized experience, including an on-site sommelier, and the luxurious club-like ambiance.

4. Texas Roadhouse

Overview: This chain is known for its laid-back, country vibe and hand-cut steaks. Texas Roadhouse also serves up freshly baked bread, made-from-scratch sides, and a lively atmosphere. What Sets It Apart: The fun, casual setting, and an emphasis on value for money without compromising on quality.

5. LongHorn Steakhouse

Overview: LongHorn Steakhouse is celebrated for its bold flavors and seasoning. They offer a wide variety of cuts and are known for their signature Outlaw Ribeye. What Sets It Apart: The Western-themed ambiance and an extensive menu that caters to a wide range of tastes.

6. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Overview: This chain is known for its luxurious settings, prime steak selections, and award-winning wine list. Del Frisco’s provides a premium dining experience with impeccable service. What Sets It Apart: The high-end, sophisticated dining experience perfect for special occasions.

7. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Overview: Fleming’s is celebrated for its prime beef and a vast selection of wines. They offer a modern take on the classic steakhouse experience. What Sets It Apart: Their impressive wine program and the Chef’s Table option, where the chef curates a unique dining experience.

8. Outback Steakhouse

Overview: With an Australian-themed setting, Outback Steakhouse offers a variety of steaks and other hearty dishes at a reasonable price point. What Sets It Apart: The casual and relaxed atmosphere combined with a broad menu that goes beyond steaks.

9. The Palm

Overview: Known for its prime beef, jumbo lobsters, and Italian classics, The Palm offers a unique blend of quality and tradition. What Sets It Apart: The caricatures of local and national celebrities on the walls, adding a unique and personal touch to the dining experience.

10. Smith & Wollensky

Overview: This upscale steakhouse chain is known for its high-grade, dry-aged steaks and classic elegance. They also offer a seafood selection that complements the steak menu. What Sets It Apart: The classic American steakhouse feel with a touch of luxury, perfect for an elevated dining experience.

11. BLT Steak

Overview: BLT Steak combines bistro ambiance with steakhouse fare. Known for their popovers and a variety of steak cuts, they offer a modern twist on the traditional steakhouse. What Sets It Apart: The bistro-like setting and the attention to unique details in both food presentation and interior design.


Each of these steakhouse chains offers a unique dining experience, making them stand out in the American culinary landscape. From upscale, luxurious settings to more casual, family-friendly atmospheres, there’s a steakhouse for every preference and occasion.

Whether you’re looking for the finest dry-aged beef, a lively and fun environment, or an extensive wine list to complement your meal, these steakhouses promise a memorable culinary journey.

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