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How To Make Papa John’s Garlic Butter?

Papa John’s garlic butter is a beloved condiment that elevates the flavor of pizza, breadsticks, and other delights to an entirely new level. The combination of buttery deliciousness and fragrant garlic will elevate your dining experience with its delectable flavor. But what if you could make this delectable condiment in your own kitchen? So, how to make Papa John’s garlic butter?

In this article, we will instruct you on how to create your own supply of garlic butter inspired by Papa John’s, so you can enjoy the familiar flavor whenever you please.

So let’s get started!

How To Make Papa John’s Garlic Butter?

Papa John’s garlic butter is a popular dipping condiment that gives their pizzas a flavorful kick. While the precise recipe is a trade secret, you can create a similar garlic butter with a few simple ingredients at home. Here’s a version prepared at home:

Time Required

  • Approximately 10-15 minutes


  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
  • 2-3 garlic cloves minced
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried parsley
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder


  • Prepare the Garlic:
    • Finely mince the garlic bulbs. You may either use a garlic press or mince the garlic by hand.
  • Mix the Ingredients:
    • Combine the softened butter, minced garlic, salt, dried oregano, dried parsley, and garlic powder in a mixing utensil.
    • Mix thoroughly until all ingredients are equitably distributed.
  • Shape and Store:
    • Transfer the butter and garlic mixture to a piece of plastic wrap.
    • Form the mixture into a log or roll, then securely wrap it in plastic wrap.
    • Place the garlic butter in the refrigerator to refrigerate and solidify. This will facilitate slicing and spreading.
  • Serve
    • After the garlic butter has chilled, remove the plastic wrap and cut it into rounds or pieces.
    • Serve the garlic butter with freshly prepared pizza, breadsticks, or any other dish of your choosing.

This homemade garlic butter is a flavorful dipping sauce comparable to Papa John’s. Feel free to alter the ingredients to suit your tastes. You can also experiment with various herbs and seasonings to achieve the desired flavor. Use homemade garlic butter with your favored dishes.

Tips For Papa John’s Like Garlic Butter:

  • For the best flavor, mince raw garlic. For the best flavor, avoid pre-chopped or preserved garlic.
  • Choose high-quality unsalted butter for a base that is flavorful and creamy.
  • For a balanced herb profile, combine dried oregano, dried parsley, and a pinch of garlic powder.
  • Add a teaspoon of salt to enhance flavors, but be mindful that some butters are already salted.
  • Important: soften the butter to a spreadable consistency prior to incorporating the garlic and seasonings.
  • Adjust the quantities of the herbs and garlic to your liking.
  • For the finest flavor, serve the garlic butter as soon as possible after preparation.
  • Serve with pizza crust, breadsticks, garlic knots, or other baked products.

How To Store Leftover Papa John’s Like Garlic Butter?

To store homemade garlic butter comparable to Papa John’s, allow it to settle to room temperature before transferring it to an airtight container. Cover the surface of the butter with plastic wrap to minimize air exposure. 

Due to the added flavors, the product should be refrigerated and consumed within one to two weeks. Before reusing, gently reheat in short intervals using a microwave or stovetop, being cautious not to overheat. 

Before using, visually inspect for fungi, unpleasant odors, and unusual appearance. While freshly prepared items are ideal, appropriate storage preserves their quality and safety.

Bottom Line

This was all about how to make Papa John’s garlic butter. Creating your own version of Papa John’s garlic butter is a culinary endeavor that adds an explosion of flavor to your meals and munchies. By combining basic ingredients such as butter, garlic, and a pinch of salt, it is possible to recreate the classic flavor that complements pizza, bread, and other foods. 

Adapting the recipe to your flavor preferences guarantees that each batch of garlic butter is made to your specifications. 

Thank you for reading!

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