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Costco Is Selling One of the World’s Best-Quality Steaks

Costco, the renowned wholesale membership club, is now offering one of the world’s most coveted and high-quality steaks: Wagyu beef. This announcement is creating a buzz among meat connoisseurs and Costco shoppers alike, as Wagyu is celebrated for its exceptional quality, tenderness, and flavor.

The Allure of Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef, originating from Japan, is famed for its intense marbling, which contributes to its tenderness and rich flavor. This marbling is a result of the unique breeding of Japanese cattle, developed to have more intramuscular fat cells. The special fat in these steaks is known to practically melt in the mouth, offering a unique and luxurious eating experience.

Given its quality, Wagyu beef is typically one of the most expensive options on the menu in high-end restaurants, sometimes costing up to $200 per pound. However, Costco is making this delicacy more accessible to its members, albeit at a still premium price.

Recent reports indicate that Costco has restocked Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks, with one member sharing a picture of the packaged product on Reddit, although the specific Costco location was not mentioned.

Pricing and Availability

Costco’s price for Wagyu is comparatively more affordable than some high-end restaurants, with a reported cost of $59.99 per pound. For instance, a nearly three-pound A5 Wagyu boneless beef ribeye was spotted at this price, totaling $178.77.

Despite being a significant investment for a cut of meat, this price represents a substantial discount from the potential $200 per pound market rate for Wagyu beef.

Divided Customer Opinions

While the availability of Wagyu beef at Costco is exciting for many, it also brings a mix of reactions among consumers. Some customers express hesitation at the high price point, with comments on social media indicating reluctance to spend such an amount on beef.

Additionally, the eating experience of Wagyu is somewhat polarizing. While many rave about its richness and quality, others find the high fat content less appealing, stating that it’s too much for their taste.

Considerations for Shoppers

For those interested in trying this high-quality beef, it’s worth noting that availability and pricing may vary by location. However, determined Costco members have had success in requesting their local warehouse to stock specific items, including Wagyu beef.


The introduction of Wagyu beef at Costco represents an exciting opportunity for meat lovers to experience one of the world’s most luxurious steaks at a more accessible price point. While its high cost and distinctive fat content may not suit everyone’s tastes or budgets, it undoubtedly adds a premium option to Costco’s already diverse meat selection.

As with all products at Costco, availability may vary, so interested shoppers should keep an eye on their local store’s offerings​.

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