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Arby’s Just Launched 2 New Steak Sandwiches

Arby’s, known for its dedication to serving high-quality meats and delicious sandwiches, has recently introduced two mouthwatering steak sandwiches to its menu. With a commitment to satisfying the cravings of steak enthusiasts, Arby’s has created these delectable additions that promise to tantalize taste buds and leave customers craving for more.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Arby’s new steak sandwiches, exploring their flavors, ingredients, and what makes them a must-try for sandwich lovers.

  1. The New York Steak Sandwich

Arby’s New York Steak Sandwich pays homage to the classic flavors of New York City, known for its love of savory, hearty cuisine. This sandwich features tender, thinly sliced top sirloin steak, cooked to perfection and seasoned with Arby’s special blend of herbs and spices. It’s then served on a toasted sub roll, adding a satisfying crunch to each bite.

Key Ingredients:

Thinly sliced top sirloin steak

Seasoning blend of herbs and spices

Toasted sub roll

What Sets It Apart: The New York Steak Sandwich captures the essence of New York’s love for flavorful, mouthwatering dishes. The combination of the tender sirloin steak and Arby’s secret seasoning blend ensures a savory experience that’s hard to resist.

  1. The Chicago Steak Sandwich

For those with a taste for bold and savory flavors, Arby’s Chicago Steak Sandwich is a perfect choice. This sandwich features thinly sliced top sirloin steak seasoned with Chicago-style spices, including garlic, paprika, and onion.

It’s then layered with melted Swiss cheese, roasted garlic aioli, banana peppers, and red onion, all served on a toasted sub roll.

Key Ingredients:

Thinly sliced top sirloin steak

Chicago-style seasoning (garlic, paprika, onion)

Melted Swiss cheese

Roasted garlic aioli

Banana peppers

Red onion

Toasted sub roll

What Sets It Apart: The Chicago Steak Sandwich is a flavorful homage to the culinary traditions of the Windy City. The bold spices, roasted garlic aioli, and zesty banana peppers create a tantalizing combination that delivers a taste of Chicago with every bite.

Why You Should Try Arby’s New Steak Sandwiches

Premium Ingredients: Arby’s commitment to quality shines through in its use of premium top sirloin steak, ensuring a delicious and tender sandwich experience.

Unique Flavors: Both the New York and Chicago Steak Sandwiches feature unique flavor profiles inspired by iconic American cities. Whether you prefer the classic New York seasoning or the bold Chicago-style spices, there’s a sandwich to satisfy your cravings.

Variety of Toppings: Arby’s understands that the perfect sandwich is about more than just the meat. That’s why these sandwiches come with a variety of complementary toppings, such as Swiss cheese, roasted garlic aioli, banana peppers, and red onion, creating a symphony of flavors.

Customization: Arby’s allows you to customize your sandwich to your liking, so you can add or omit ingredients to suit your taste preferences.

Perfectly Toasted Roll: The toasted sub roll adds a delightful crunch to each bite, enhancing the overall sandwich experience.

Convenience: Arby’s is known for its quick service, making it a convenient choice for those looking to enjoy a delicious steak sandwich on the go.

Affordable Indulgence: These new steak sandwiches offer a premium dining experience without breaking the bank, making them an accessible treat for all.


Arby’s has once again proven its dedication to delivering exceptional sandwiches with the introduction of the New York Steak Sandwich and the Chicago Steak Sandwich. These offerings capture the unique flavors and culinary traditions of iconic American cities, allowing customers to savor a taste of New York or Chicago with each delicious bite.

With premium ingredients, bold seasonings, and a variety of toppings, Arby’s continues to provide a satisfying and flavorful dining experience. If you’re a fan of steak sandwiches or simply looking to indulge in a mouthwatering meal, don’t miss the opportunity to try these new additions to the Arby’s menu.

Head to your nearest Arby’s restaurant today and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the art of the sandwich.

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