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Angel Reese Benched, Moms Feuding: LSU Women’s Basketball Team in Turmoil After Title

The LSU women’s basketball team has been making headlines not only for their on-court performance but also for the turmoil and drama that has unfolded behind the scenes. Amidst the excitement of their recent NCAA championship win, the program is grappling with controversies, including star player Angel Reese being benched and a feud among the players’ mothers.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the events that have rocked the LSU women’s basketball team and examine the impact of these developments on the program’s future.

  1. Angel Reese Benched: A Surprising Decision

Angel Reese, a sophomore forward and one of the team’s standout players, found herself benched during a crucial game, sparking speculation and confusion among fans and analysts. Reese had been a driving force behind the team’s success, known for her scoring ability, rebounding prowess, and leadership on the court. Her absence from the starting lineup was a surprising move that raised eyebrows.

Coach Kim Mulkey’s decision to bench Reese was met with a mix of support and criticism. Some argued that it was a strategic move to motivate Reese and the team, while others questioned whether it was a fair decision given her contributions throughout the season.

The decision ignited discussions about coaching styles, player accountability, and the dynamics within the team.

  1. Feuding Moms: A Distraction Off the Court

As if Reese’s benching wasn’t enough to stir the pot, reports emerged of a feud among the mothers of the players on the team. Allegations of tension, disagreements, and conflicts between certain mothers have cast a shadow over the program.

The drama off the court has drawn attention away from the team’s accomplishments and threatens to disrupt team dynamics.

Team cohesion and a supportive environment are vital for any successful sports team, and the reported discord among the mothers has the potential to affect the players’ morale and focus. The program’s leadership must address these issues promptly to ensure they don’t spill over onto the court and negatively impact the team’s performance.

  1. The Impact on the Program

The LSU women’s basketball program had just celebrated a historic NCAA championship win, making it a pinnacle moment in the team’s history. However, the recent controversies have the potential to overshadow their achievement and tarnish the program’s reputation.

The decision to bench Angel Reese has left fans and analysts questioning the team’s direction and the coach’s decision-making. It is essential for Coach Kim Mulkey to communicate openly with her players and the public to provide clarity regarding her strategy and decision-making process.

As for the feud among the mothers, it is crucial for the program’s leadership to mediate and resolve the conflicts to ensure a healthy and supportive team environment. The distraction caused by off-court drama could hinder the players’ ability to focus on their game and maintain the team’s winning momentum.


The LSU women’s basketball team’s recent NCAA championship win was a historic achievement that should have been celebrated without distractions. However, the controversies surrounding Angel Reese’s benching and the feuding among the players’ mothers have taken the spotlight away from their success.

It is essential for the program’s leadership, including Coach Kim Mulkey and the university administration, to address these issues promptly and effectively. Open communication, conflict resolution, and a renewed focus on team cohesion are necessary to ensure that the program can move forward and continue to build on its success.

Ultimately, the resilience and determination of the players and coaching staff will be crucial in navigating these challenges and maintaining the program’s reputation as a powerhouse in women’s college basketball.

It is a test of their ability to overcome adversity and focus on the future while learning valuable lessons from the turmoil that has surrounded their championship season.

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