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Angel Reese benched, moms feuding as LSU women’s basketball team in turmoil after title

The LSU women’s basketball team, coming off a championship-winning season, has faced significant challenges that have led to internal turmoil. A key aspect of this turmoil revolves around the benching of star player Angel Reese and a feud between her mother, Angel Webb Reese, and the mother of teammate Flau’jae Johnson, Kia Brooks.

Reese, a major contributor to LSU’s national championship victory, was benched during the second half of a game against Kent State. This decision, made by head coach Kim Mulkey, was attributed to attitude issues.

The specifics of these issues have not been fully disclosed, but the benching raised questions and rumors about potential disciplinary actions, including a suspension. However, details regarding a suspension were not confirmed by Reese’s agent or LSU.

Compounding the on-court issues, a feud erupted on social media between the mothers of Reese and Johnson. The conflict appeared to stem from a series of Instagram stories, where Webb Reese posted about receiving a long text message with grammatical errors, leading to a heated exchange between the two mothers.

Brooks responded with a message critiquing Webb Reese and her daughter, further intensifying the situation.

This conflict and the benching of Reese have cast a shadow over the team’s title defense season, raising concerns about the team’s internal dynamics and overall chemistry. Both Reese and Johnson have yet to comment publicly on the situation involving their mothers.

Such incidents underscore the challenges sports teams can face, where interpersonal dynamics and external pressures can impact team performance and unity. The LSU women’s basketball team’s situation illustrates how off-court issues can spill over and affect a team’s harmony and focus, especially when dealing with the high expectations following a successful season.

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